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Printing Spot Colors With X GAMUT Instead of Spot Inks

The ZRP Printing Group Co., Ltd. is one of the top 20 printers in China and the biggest manroland user worldwide. The company was founded in 1978 and has four production bases in China today. The largest has an area of 100,000 m2.

The group has approx. 3000 employees and is responsible for 120 brand customers. Many of them are part of the FMCG branch. ZRP has had its focus on the offset market, but is now expanding its digital and flexo printing business. They are specialized in customized industry solutions and produce high-quality consumer packaging products with outstanding finishings on several materials as well as promotional tools and smart e-commerce solutions. ZRP is a member of the Global Packaging Alliance (GPA).

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Spot and brand colors are very important for the global player and the multi-national corporations ZRP is working with. The unique spot colors attract attention and can help to build up a strong brand recall value. In addition, intelligent custom solutions and promotional material are increasingly in demand as well as special effects in food packaging and other individualized campaigns. In one of the projects conducted for a famous cookie brand, customers were able to customize the product online and to track the delivery route.

In 2004 CGS ORIS joined forces with ZRP to increase the capacities for providing individualized solutions tailored to their customers‘ requirements. First of all, ZRP has used COLOR TUNER. After substantial investments in digital printing, they decided to work with the new CGS product X GAMUT.
During their large project with a multi-national consumer goods corporation, the great power of X GAMUT was impressively demonstrated. Using the new multi-channel functionality, ZRP was able to import, measure and re-separate the 13 spot colors used in air freshener packaging samples and to convert these spot colors easily and reliably into a fixed ink set comprising CMYK, orange, green and violet – while completely maintaining visual brand identity.

The benefits they gained from all this were enormous: Large time savings owing to shorter ink changing, job change-over, press wash-up and press downtimes as well as more flexibility resulting from the ability to print jobs including different spot colors on the same press and in the same run.

As a result, ZRP was able to reduce production and delivery times and to increase overall productivity. This allowed them to offer their services to more customers and at more competitive prices. Finally, costs could be cut considerably because of reduced (spot) ink consumption, less ink to be kept on stock and less ink waste. All this allowed our customer to maximize their profits.

This project and the calculations which were made during the tests showed that ZRP was able to save 376 hours of total press time, 20 percent of ink costs and RMB 370,000 of printing costs (approx. EUR 45,000) during the first half of 2017, which means that productivity could be increased by almost 50 percent – just with one single print project.

(Photo credits: ZRP/CGS ORIS)

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50 % Ink Saving - 100 % Results

The desire of any business owner is to find the key to reducing his operating expenses by half.

14:00 Production meeting at Hanbuch Packaging. Amongst complex advertising displays for pharmacies, life-size advert cubes for car dealerships and 3D-looking posters for cinemas, Andreas’ team is discussing upcoming projects. In the background you can hear the hum of the machines from the printing hall.

The business is booming. Incoming orders are diverse. In spite of, or because of that, efficient organization of the production process is more important than ever. The best utilization of the printing presses is top priority. Production for the next few days is carefully planned out on the electronic whiteboard: What will be produced in-house, what needs to be sent out to sub-contractors for offset printing? Everything is covered by this company in Pfungstadt, from original concept to finished packaging or final display in the store.

Hanbuch Faller

(Andreas Hanbuch & Felix Faller)

Clever planning is one thing. The other is continued development. Which is great when you have men like Felix Faller. The former offset printer is only a few months with the company but has already implemented one major change.

“I looked at order processing and workflows and it was immediately clear to me that we could significantly improve production with software from CGS ORIS”, explains Faller. “I was very familiar with products from CGS ORIS at my previous company“.

After two production test runs, the CEO was convinced and, since the middle of January, PRESS MATCHER has been in full production. Its ink saver function has been of greatest benefit. “We are saving 50 – 60% ink on each print run” says Faller.

Automatic processes are increasingly important. Suitable hardware and the corresponding software must be taken into account. To be successful in the market you have to take every opportunity to digitize.

Andreas Hanbuch, CEO Hanbuch PackagingHanbuch Packaging, Pfungstadt

There is a large job being printed on the Durst Rho P10 200. It is a series of special stand-up displays for an advertising campaign of a well-known soft drink producer for beverage stores.

“You can see it clearly on this job” says Faller, showing the monitor. “You can check the ink consumption with, and without, INK SAVER” as he switches between both tables showing the calculated ink usage. 260 sheets on the Durst require just 8 liters of ink compared to 26 liters without ink saving.

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It is not at the expense of quality. On the contrary, fine details in the images can be seen more clearly because they are not clogged by too much ink laydown. That is especially noticeable in darker areas and shadows. What is also important for the packs printed on the DURST is that lower ink density increases wear resistance and reduces ink breaks across folds.

Less ink coverage brings with it some unexpected benefits. “While it is not normally possible to speed up the UV printer despite the faster drying time, the intensity of the UV lamps can be reduced leading to longer lamp life and lower energy costs”, adds Faller.

With 50 – 60% ink saving per print job, Hanbuch Packaging is well over the average of 20 percent ink reduction of other users. Each job is individually evaluated and maximum ink savings calculated, not just for ink and press but also for the design and end-use of the product.

The software helps us to reduce our internal costs and brings additional benefits for our customers.

Andreas Hanbuch, CEO Hanbuch PackagingHanbuch Packaging, Pfungstadt

Felix Faller, responsible as Production Manager for the pre-press and printing departments, is obviously happy with the performance of the software: “It is not just the cost savings. With PRESS MATCHER we get great color stability across all machines. At the beginning I was really surprised at how we could achieve the same result on all of them. On top of that, we can reproduce special colors and match standards with ease. In the past that took an enormous amount of time and effort going around and around again. Since we got the software, we no longer have that problem, it fits perfectly.”

Andreas Hanbuch is the third generation owner of the family firm and next year the 30 employees will celebrate their 70th anniversary. The company started predominantly as an offset printer, but now digital printing takes center stage.

Their offerings range from innovative point-of-purchase displays, exhibition graphics and cinema posters to diverse packaging such as high-quality gift boxes and mailers. And it’s not just about printing. Hanbuch Packaging can create, design and deliver the complete finished product to the final destination. An essential part of their equipment are full and semi-automatic plotters, die-cutting machines and laminators. More complex and involved jobs are carried out by hand.


(Photo credits: Hanbuch Packaging, CGS ORIS)

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ORIS X Gamut recognized as the Best Color Management Solution

01 Martin Ruckert CGSHainburg (Germany), 15 May 2019. Launched only a few months ago but already making quite a stir in the marketplace, ORIS X Gamut, the latest color management software from CGS, has received the European Digital Press (EDP) Award for the best color management software in the Software/Color Management Solutions category.

Bernd Rückert, CGS Product Marketing Manager, accepted the prize at the FESPA show in Munich. “We are very pleased that our latest product won the competition and was recognized as a major contributor to the optimization of printing processes at many companies, together with its outstanding integration within customers’ existing workflows.”

Three new Pouch Films are available to address the latest Mockup Trends

CGS PouchFilmsHainburg, Germany (February 01, 2019) – Packaging prototypes are increasingly in demand to help developing design ideas and support the decision-making process. As a result, there are higher expectations regarding mockups, which are becoming more and more complex.

This trend has been noticeable for some time in the US and UK, but is now extending to other European markets – especially among top brand owners. To perfectly meet the increasing demands on packaging samples and to even reproduce complex finishings quickly and cost-effectively, CGS has expanded its extensive media portfolio with three new types of materials.

„SpectroDens“ integrated in ORIS CxF Toolbox

HainbuSpectroDens Source TechkonKLrg, Germany (January 22, 2019) – TECHKON´s compact spectral-densitometer “SpectroDens” is recognised by many users for its easy handling and intuitive operability in color measurement.

Not only in Europe, but worldwide, many users rely on the modern measurement device, which – as its name suggests – combines the capabilities of a highly accurate spectophotometer and an easy-to-use densitometer, making it an attractive device for most printing houses.

New „Digital Print Experts“ at CGS

Hainburg, Germany (January 18, 2019) – CGS is pleased to announce two new Fogra-certified “Digital Print Experts”. Annika Wiedemann and Lukas Lindwehr successfully demonstrated their solid knowledge and practical experience in several areas of digital printing in an extensive test in Munich.

Six Additional Contract Proofing Systems Meet all ISO Criteria

32154 Logo CMYKHainburg, Germany (November 29, 2018) – For two days Fogra has been testing six contract proofing systems from CGS in detail. All of these systems have received the Fogra certificate. In this test program, the Research Institute for Media Technologies investigated special combinations of software, printers (inks) and substrates.

Pantone LogoHainburg, Germany (November 06, 2018) – To improve working with spot colors even more, CGS announces the integration of PantoneLIVETM spot color libraries with two ORIS applications. In ORIS Color Tuner // Web and in ORIS Flex Pack // Web, it is now possible to import any Pantone library from PantoneLIVE with just one click, therefore integrating Pantone Matching System (PMS) spot colors easily into the workflow.

The access to the cloud-based PantoneLIVE platform is particularly of interest for brand owners using Pantone-based corporate colors and their partner, who are involved in the production process, because the exact spectral data and color specifications can be communicated safely and reliably. No matter where in the world the involved parties are located – all data is always available at one central location.

Achieve accurate spot colors and brilliant images - simply using CMYK+X

Special colors are especially eye-catching, but to work with them requires effort and expense. Extra inventory, higher prices, frequent color changes, and subsequent wash-up and press downtime all add up to reduced flexibility in job processing and significantly impact the whole production workflow.EDP Award WinnerLogo

As a result, the printing press is not used to the best of its potential, and productivity drops. That costs time and money.

With X GAMUT, the fully automatic color management software for extended color printing on digital and conventional presses, spot colors can be accurately reproduced by using a standard fixed 7 or 8 color ink set (CMYK+X). Commonly, orange, green, and violet are added to CMYK.

That means you do not need to mess around with special ink mixes anymore. This considerably streamlines the production process since no press wash-ups, changeover times are necessary, greatly reducing ink inventory and waste. As a result, the software helps to reduce allover costs enormously - for printers and clients alike.

However, X GAMUT is not only ideally suited to reproduce spot and brand colors precisely. The perfect match of software features and intelligent workflow tools in X GAMUT enable printers to leverage the full gamut of the press and ink set so that images are brilliantly printed in all detail – without the need for special inks. This has made X GAMUT an important tool in the photo printing industry, too.

XG EN Gears

More details:

Spot color reproduction and correction
With X GAMUT you can reproduce spot and brand colors easily, accurately, and reliably with a fixed set of extended process colors. Typically, orange, green, and violet are used, but many other combinations are possible.

No matter which ink configuration you use, X GAMUT makes optimal use of your printer’s entire color gamut and reproduces spot and brand colors very precisely. The colors can also be optimized and verified.

Increasing image color saturation
Another important field where the strength of X GAMUT comes into play is the reproduction of RGB data. The color management software makes optimal use of the extended color gamut and delivers stunning print results with vivid, saturated colors – perfect for photo printing applications.
Separation and optimization of spot colors and images
The key to a perfect result is the intelligent separation of the measured color into the extended fixed set of process colors used in the printing process.

Spot and brand colors are replaced and reproduced without any spot inks while maintaining visual and colorimetric integrity. The conversion process optimizes the color data by reducing the number of separations to a minimum, thus minimizing the risk of moiré and clouding.

As a positive “side effect” this also reduces the total ink coverage, leading to shorter drying times and a leaner production process.

Creation of multi-color profiles
With X GAMUT you can easily create multi-channel profiles that can also be used in other applications.
Test chart generator
The built-in test chart generator allows you to create custom test charts for your printing presses. These test charts are essential for the CMYK+X color conversion process to characterize the color space of your printing system.

X GAMUT supports all commonly used measurement devices, including the latest models from X-Rite, Konica Minolta, or Barbieri.

Management of spot color libraries
The X GAMUT software includes standard spot color libraries from Pantone and HKS. In addition to that, you can also create your own libraries and import and edit color data via CxF. There is also a direct interface to the CXF CLOUD to communicate all colors with all of their spectral properties easily and quickly all over the world.
Central control
Trust is good, control is better: With our easy-to-use software CERTIFIED users are able to quickly verify prints for color accuracy and to store and evaluate all kinds of data from different devices in a central location. This gives every authorized user a detailed overview at any time.
Long-term experience & color expertise
We provide simple-to-use software solutions for all of your needs related to color management, proofing, prototyping, certification, and quality control - the best and effective way to optimize your entire production process.

Our proofing solutions are complemented by a large portfolio of specially developed substrates for creating color-accurate proofs and packaging prototypes.

Key features
Accurate spot color reproduction with an extended standard ink set (CMYK+X)
Photo printing with vivid, high saturated colors
Automatic separation of PDF files with spot colors as well as RGB data into multi-channel data
Generation of multi-channel profiles and custom test charts
Interface to standard spot color libraries (e.g. Pantone)
Create and edit your own color libraries
Easy and quick creation, processing, and exchange of CxF data and spectral measurement data
Simple handling and perfect results thanks to wizard-based user interface
Fully automated processes thanks to intelligent workflow tools
Immediate process and quality control with CERTIFIED
Intelligent automation: Route jobs automatically to the best press for the most accurate color reproduction

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Expanded gamut printing and brilliant images – with software instead of expensive ink

CGS Logo XGAMUT kl Hainburg, Germany (September 18, 2018) – The latest product from leading color management developer CGS is ORIS X GAMUT, a fully automated software product for expanded gamut printing on conventional and digital presses.

ORIS X GAMUT expands the full color space and multi-color ink set of the press.  A specific spot color can be reproduced without the need for a special ink formulation, a feature of definite interest to brand owners and the packaging and label industries.  In addition, ORIS X GAMUT increases the color saturation of images, especially important in the production of brilliant pictures for photobooks and complex packaging designs, for example.

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