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We have found X GAMUT the ideal solution for our intent. The experience has shown us that we made the right choice!

Stefan Harder, Managing DirectorHarder-Online GmbH

Process optimization with X GAMUT

Online ordering today allows for multiple design iterations with personalized typeface selections and a host of special colors. Even product packaging can be turned into an individual “Limited Edition” with just a few clicks. Personalized muesli packs, shower gels with pictures, or drink cans with logo and special themes for the perfect look at the next company function, can all be produced this way.

Stefan Harder makes many of these items possible. Under the names “Labelprint24” and “Partylables24” his company offers his customers complete packaging solutions.

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The customer hardly realizes how complex the process is to produce these many individual wishes. But already, since the founding of his company in 2010, the CEO and Owner of harder-online GmbH has continually worked on perfecting the ideal job workflow, with the mantra of intelligent job and process automation. A decisive piece of the jigsaw in Stefan Harder’s cleverly thought out system is now provided by the color management software X GAMUT.

If a customer, for example, designs his particular muesli can on mymuesli.com all the job files and data are automatically uploaded from there, overnight, into harder-online’s system, checked for printability (also automatically) and prepared for printing. And then comes the decisive questions of any online printer: On which press should we now print for the best possible result? Which color space are we looking for? How can we reproduce spot colors accurately with our ink sets?


X GAMUT delivers all answers. The software decides which available press will produce the best result, converts the print data and sends it to the selected press so that the job can be produced. Even the printing substrate, short delivery times and job costs are taken into consideration. In the case of mymuesli the whole process, from data input to the finished product, takes just 12 hours.

„Our customers expect individual packages in top quality. CGS was ready to provide a software solution outside the norm, too.“

Stefan Harder, CEO harder-online GmbHHarder-Online GmbH

Stefan Harder and CGS have worked together for over five years. It all began with PRESS MATCHER, used to calibrate his complete fleet of presses - so-called “cross-fleet color management”, to bring all presses to a consistent print result and a common standard. In addition to his two workhorses, Screen Truepress Jet L350 UV printers, Harder has, among others, an HP Indigo WS6800 and an HP Indigo 12000 in operation.

“Stefan Harder was already an advocate of the ‚X-Gamut‘ idea. We worked earlier together on how special colors could be separated in more than four colors” explains Bernd Rückert, CGS Product Marketing Manager.

“We are very happy that we made a contribution to press optimization at harder-online with X GAMUT. It’s very nice to see how perfectly and easily the product can be integrated into an existing workflow and there be key function in the order process”, he continues.

Harder-online GmbH is one of the leading European digital packaging producers. At the digital printing facility in Zeithain, Sachsen, the Company makes labels, multi-layer labels, folding boxes, made-to-measure cartons and laminated tubes for all industry branches, commerce, trade and administration.

X GAMUT is the latest product from CGS. In 2019, the software was recognized as the Best Color Management Solution by the EDP Association. The fully automatic tool makes it possible to reproduce special colors on multi-color conventional and digital presses using an extended, fixed, ink set.

Moreover, the perfect match of software features and intelligent workflow tools in X GAMUT enable printers to produce a richer, saturated, color image for a more brilliant photo-reproduction for, e.g., photobooks (RGB).

In addition to the basic application areas, the converted color data can be, as here at harder-online GmbH, the basis for automatic decision making in the production process, enabling X GAMUT to contribute significantly to workflow optimization and error reduction.

(Photo credits: harder-online GmbH)

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