17 Mar 2020

How to convert spot colors precisely for color-accurate packaging proofs

Spot colors are an integral part of packaging printing. But their use brings certain disadvantages. Read how you can resolve many problems easily.

Spot colors are an integral part of packaging printing. They create visual impact, maintain brand awareness and contribute to product counterfeit protection.

But their use also brings certain disadvantages – special inks are associated with higher costs and longer production times due to additional ink volume, more ink changes and extended make-ready times.

These problems are resolved with ORIS X Gamut. The award-winning, fully automatic color management software accurately decodes the individual DNA of each spot color and converts it to a fixed ink palette of up to eight colors on digital or conventional presses.

The result is an exact reproduction of spot colors which, through the seamless integration of ORIS Flex Pack, can be matched to the color space of the target press and visualized on a hardcopy proof.

Ink changes and clean-up times on press are greatly reduced. More jobs can be throughput on the same machine and paper wastage is significantly lowered. There are even more advantages in that several customer orders can be batched together on one print run. End effect: A substantial increase in productivity with lower costs and huge time savings.

In addition to packaging and label printing, ORIS X Gamut has found great application for photobook printers. Introducing extra colors into the process increases picture ink saturation and produces brilliant photo reproduction of RGB images.

Key Features

  • Accurate spot and brand color reproduction using a fixed ink set (CMYK+N)
  • Separation and conversion of PDF data with spot colors into multi-channel data
  • Create multi-channel profiles
  • Build custom color libraries
  • Wizard-based user guide with immediate feedback and process control

Key Benefits

  • Reduced ink costs and inventory
  • Faster make-ready and reduced paper waste
  • Improved reproduction of spot colors
  • More flexibility through batch processing
  • Faster job throughput and increased productivity
  • Optimized machine utilization
  • Substainability: Less ink used, less energy wasted
  • Faster and lower cost production

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