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Advanced OBA proofing paper offers outstanding benefits


Hainburg, Germany (July 27, 2018) – CGS Publishing Technologies International has updated its ORIS Professional Media portfolio with ORIS PearlPROOF Universal NEW. The advanced OBA proofing paper exhibits strong and outstanding benefits.   

The great advantage of ORIS PearlPROOF Universal NEW is that it meets the requirements of Fogra 51 (PSOcoated v3) and, with a paper simulation, also those of FOGRA 39 (ISOcoated v2). It is therefore possible to reproduce ISO standards within very tight tolerances. The new paper is also compatible with the GRACol standard. As a result, fewer paper roll changes are necessary, which leads to an increase in productivity.

Check your license

LYNX and EVALUATE is license-protected. Please contact CGS ORIS or your local CGS ORIS reseller for more information.

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Lukas Lindwehr joins as Application Engineer/Product Manager

Lindwehr Web

Hainburg, Germany (July 03, 2018) – CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH has expanded its Application Technology and Product Management team with Lukas Lindwehr as Application Engineer/Product Manager.

Lindwehr joined the company on 2nd July and will be responsible for the product support of all CGS products as well product trainings for customers and quality management. He will be reporting to Bernd Rückert, Product Marketing Manager.

„We are delighted to welcome Lukas into the CGS team and are glad that we have won a young and high motivated new member for our technical team”, emphasises Rückert.
In his previous positions Lindwehr worked as machine operator in gravure and flexographic printing. He passed two apprenticeships as printer with specification in letterpress and digital media designer with specification in design and technic. Finally, Lindwehr completed a further education as State-certified Technical Engineer.

Teckwin and CGS start alliance in colour management

Hainburg, Germany (May 15, 2018) – In May the Shanghai Teckwin Technology Development Co., Ltd. – an international operating designer, manufacturer and distributor of digital inkjet ceramic printers, grand format solvent UV flatbed and roll-to-roll inkjet printing systems for the most demanding graphics applications – and CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH, which is a global leader of colour management solutions, digital proofing systems and specially formulated media, have built an auspicious alliance in colour management.

Dr. Isabel Bracker (31) joins as new Manager Communications and Social Media

Hainburg, Germany (April 17, 2018) – CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH has expanded its marketing team with Dr. Isabel Bracker in the capacity of Manager Communications and Social Media.

Gilbert Van Cauwenberg (50) is new area sales manager Northern and Eastern Europe at CGS.

Hainburg, Germany (December 13, 2017) – CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH, the global leader of color management solutions, digital proofing systems and specially formulated media, has enlarged its European sales team owing to the continued expansion of its market position.

A class of its own!

No inkjet proofing system is complete – nor can it provide contract-proof quality – without the right media. Based on detailed feedback from major publishers, printers and industry-standard organizations, CGS has created the ORIS Professional Media family of contract proofing media specially formulated for the stringent needs of digital proofing.

The ORIS Professional Media family is made to CGS specifications under the strictest manufacturing tolerances ensuring consistent batch-to-batch quality. With their exclusive ultra-fine-grain nanoporous coating, ORIS Professional Media provide twice the surface area of common microporous papers, thus allowing for higher ink densities, uniform ink absorption, better shadow detail, larger color gamut and faster drying.

White Point
(see below)
ORIS PearlPROOF™ Family
ORIS PearlPROOF™ OBA Semimatte 250 250   >90 95,0/1,5/-5,3 Yes #2, 3, 4, 6
ORIS PearlPROOF™ OBA Matte 140 140   >90 94,5/3,1/-12,5 Yes #1
ORIS PearlPROOF™ Super 240 225 >90 96,0/0,4/-0,4   #5, 6, 7, 9, 10
ORIS PearlPROOF™ Super Glossy 240 225 >90 96,0/0,4/-0,4 #6
ORIS PearlPROOF™ Select 210 160 >90 96,5/1,0/-3,1 Yes #6, 10
ORIS PearlPROOF™ Commercial 240 225 >90 92,4/0,0/0,4 #11
ORIS PearlPROOF™ Publication 240 235 >90 90,0/0,4/2,6 #11
ORIS PearlPROOF™ Matte 120 120 150 >90 95,6/2,5/-5,8
ORIS PROOF™ Universal 170 170 180 93 94,4/2,6/-11,0 Yes #9
ORIS PROOF™ Universal 230 230 220 >90 96,8/1,2/-3,5 Yes #8
ORIS PROOF™ Satin 200 220 >90 96,9/1,2/-3,0 Yes #7, 9
ORIS PROOF™ Select 190 200 94 94,5/0,0/-4,0 Yes #9
ORIS PROOF™ Newspaper 55 80 92 88,5/-0,5/4,8
Attachments CGS-Paper-Specs.pdf (42kb)

# Standard Printer Ink
1 FOGRA52 Epson Stylus Pro 7900 UltraChrome HDR
2 FOGRA51 Epson SureColor SC-P7000 UltraChrome HDX
3 FOGRA51 Epson Stylus Pro 7900 UltraChrome HDR
4 FOGRA51 Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6450 LUCIA EX
5 FOGRA39 Epson SureColor SC-P7000 UltraChrome HDX
6 FOGRA39 Epson Stylus Pro 7900 UltraChrome HDR
7 FOGRA39 Epson Stylus Pro 4880, 7880, 9880, 11880  
8 FOGRA39 Epson Stylus Pro 4800  
9 FOGRA27 Epson Stylus Pro 4800  
10 GRACoL    
11 SWOP    

You can order samples of all media listed below. Send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask for our ORIS PROFESSIONAL MEDIA SAMPLES.




ORIS Solvent Media
ORIS Media Solvent Glossy Paper 235 PE 235 45 24 and 54
ORIS Media Solvent Semimatte Paper 235 PE 235 45 24 and 54
ORIS Media Clear Film 0075 75 50 24
ORIS Media Transfer Film IV/90 30 30 24 and 48
ORIS Media Embossing Foil Matte   10 20
ORIS Media Embossing Foil Semimatte   10 20
ORIS Media Adhesive White Vinyl 010 100 40 30
ORIS Media Silver Film 012 120 30 24
ORIS Media Aluminium Foil 018 180 30 24
ORIS Media Adhesive Clear Polyester 0075 75 50 24
ORIS Media Clear Polyester Shrink Foil FS0080 80 30 24 and 48
ORIS Pre-Coated Cardboard GD 2   61 86
ORIS Pre-Coated Cardboard Semimatte   61 86
ORIS Pre-Coated Cardboard Glossy   61 86

ORIS PearlPROOF for FOGRA 51 and FOGRA 52 certified and ready for action.

Hainburg, 02/03/2016. The latest versions of ORIS Color Tuner//Web and ORIS Certified//Web from CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH add support for the new PSO Coated and PSO Uncoated V3 profiles. All the essential print data for an exact color match is included in the new software.

Long launches digital trade house

Australia, 02/17/2016. A new Sydney digital print company is offering businesses in the industry overflow support to meet their digital capacity and delivery requirements.

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