What´s the world´s favorite color?

geschrieben von 23 Apr 2021

G. F. Smith has the answer to that interesting question and discovered a lot more about people's perception of color, their feelings, and emotions in a really inspiring project.

Expanded Gamut Printing in Packaging

geschrieben von 23 Mär 2021

During a very exciting workshop hosted by Pressman Solutions last week, we had the great opportunity to show and discuss how packaging printers can profit from the expanded gamut printing technology. This article summarizes key aspects and includes the recording of the session.

“The solution the flexo packaging industry has been looking for a long while”

geschrieben von 25 Feb 2021

Last Thursday a very exciting conference took place and we had the great opportunity to be part of it! In this article, we are summarizing the highlights of the session about “direct-to-substrate proofing” at the FuturePrint´s Virtual Conference!

FuturePrint Virtual Conference

geschrieben von 16 Feb 2021

In October 2020, we launched a unique direct-to-substrate proofing solution with Mutoh Europe. Now, it´s time to have a closer look at our customers' experience!


geschrieben von 09 Feb 2021

Bei uns erhalten Sie große Auswahl an Verpackungssubstraten, die speziell für die Produktion von farbverbindlichen Verpackungsproofs und Verpackungsmustern entwickelt wurden. Sie stellen die ideale Ergänzung zu unserer Proofing-Software FLEX PACK dar. Eine kleine Auswahl an möglichen Anwendungsfeldern stellen wir Ihnen hier vor.

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