23 Apr 2021

What´s the world´s favorite color?

G. F. Smith has the answer to that interesting question and discovered a lot more about people's perception of color, their feelings, and emotions in a really inspiring project.

Screenshot 2021 04 22 WFC Home G F SmithBasically, the project was conducted to find a „birthday color“ for the company´s jubilee but became the world´s largest color study.

27.000 people answered the questions about their favorite color and why they feel like this. It was also tracked where those people were located to find out if there were any connections between their home countries, local temperature, etc.

One of the greatest and most inspiring results: There are no correlations. People have similar feelings worldwide about color and express similar emotions which are very often connected to happenings, feelings, and objects of their childhood.

This webinar (https://lnkd.in/gTwe7-X) is unfortunately in German, but a lot of parts will be understood in every language --> the answer to the question above is given at 6:50 :-)

More information in English and the report is available here: https://lnkd.in/geiZSYy

Thanks for that, G . F Smith, great project! Color really is an international language!