Fogra Multicolor Forum 2019

Excellent ICC-Multicolor Profiles and Spot Color Overprinting

Hainburg, Germany (January 29, 2020) – The Research Institute for Media Technology e.V (Fogra) has placed very precise Color management software for multi-channel printing under the microscope.

CGS ORIS Lindwehr querTo this end, they presented the participants at the Multicolor Forum 2019 with various tasks to analyze in detail the procedure, precision and practicality of the solutions. Their goal? To provide potential customers with a manufacturer-independent view of the topic from the prepress perspective.
Several leading software manufacturers took up the challenge and submitted their results. Amongst the seven "Use Cases", were overprinting spot colors using CxF data, proofing multicolor data and profile generation.
“We are very satisfied with the results and what makes us particularly happy is that we were able to show clearly how we can use our software to create ICC multi-channel profiles in a standard format that can be implemented directly in existing workflows. This also applies of course to the internal workflow in ORIS X Gamut to convert PDF data into the extended color space,” emphasizes Lukas Lindwehr, Product Manager at CGS ORIS.
More information about the Multicolor Forum can be found at
In addition, Fogra will be hosting February 12th and 13th the "Color Management Symposium" for the seventh time. The results will be presented there and current core topics such as "printing in the extended color space", packaging and industrial printing are dealt with in depth (
About ORIS X Gamut
ORIS X Gamut is the latest software development from CGS ORIS. The fully automatic color management tool for digital as well as conventional printing won the European Digital Press (EDP) Award 2019 for “Best Color Management Software”.
ORIS X Gamut makes it possible to print spot colors in a simple and reliable way with process colors from an extended fixed color palette (CMYK + N) without the need for special ink formulations. This not only streamlines the production process considerably but also helps to cut costs enormously - for printers and clients alike.
Introducing extra colors into the process increases picture ink saturation and produces brilliant photo reproduction of RGB images.

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