09 Jun 2022

How do industrial printing companies benefit by proofing and color management tools? (Part 1)

In this article, we will have a look at how proofing and color management solutions help industrial printing companies enormously to work more precisely and efficiently.

Of course, traditionally, our main focus is accurate and consistent color reproduction on different substrates, the repeatability of the results within production lines, and the optimization of printing processes.

From flooring to wallpaper, cladding, or even garage doors – today, nearly everything can be printed! The great variety of materials, structures, and surfaces may lead to some headaches if a suitable tool is missing to face the upcoming challenges.

Managing and reproducing colors precisely is CGS ORIS core business for over 35 years. In cooperation with highly specialized partners from the industry, new solutions and systems have been developed in the last months that fit perfectly to the requirements of industrial printing. Color accuracy, consistency, and the repeatability of production results regardless of the substrate are top priorities.

For example: Proofing. In this short clip, you can see some examples of so-called haptic proofs which can be produced easily with our proofing software. These kinds of samples are the best basis to make design decisions or to show customers the exact colors and to get a feeling of the final results.

(Source: LinkedIn https://bit.ly/3MyBgu8)

In addition to that, in this brand new podcast, David Palmieri, VP of Marketing at CGS ORIS Americas, gives some more insights in current projects in the field and different application areas.

David Podcast Industrial Printing

On the website which is linked here, you can discover more about our software solutions to organize and communicate your colors, create haptic proofs, as well as the color management tools to optimize your print production and work more efficiently and control your results easily and reliably.

If color management and proofing topics are new to you, we would be glad to give you an overview, sum up some important details, and answer your questions.

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  • Customized modular solutions and complete systems are available
  • Powerful, proven software
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  • Easy to integrate and combine
  • Continuous further development and extensive service and support
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