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METIS SCANNERS have been specially developed to meet the requirements of the decor market. With the combination of innovative software and state-of-the-art technology, these devices enable a wide range of output options. Discover the world-class scanners for decoration, industrial printing and PBR (Physical Based Rendering).

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METIS Systems

Passion for Innovation

METIS, originally formed from the imaging division of the European Space Agency, prides itself on its highly innovative products and unique capabilities. Customers such as national libraries, archives, cartographic institutes, and leading companies in the decoration industry rely on METIS with installations worldwide.

METIS for the Decor Industry

METIS scanners are the ultimate solution for the decor industry. Thanks to their unique technology, they offer a wide range of applications for different market sectors: from the digitization of flooring, ceramics and natural stone, to wallpaper and textiles, to the production of engraving cylinders, press plates, as well as the output of files (U3M and mapping files) for rendering applications and 3D visualization - METIS is able to cover all of these mentioned areas.



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DRS1220 Standard & Plus

DRS1622 Standard & Plus

DRS2020 Standard & Plus


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