Color Management and Ink Saving

Exclusive CGS ORIS color management package for Xerox® printing systems

Hainburg, Germany (January 29, 2020) – With the Xerox® Trivor® 2400 inkjet printing systems the AlphaStream controller not only ensures maximum flexibility, optimal control options and maximum data control, the powerful RIP now also offers an exclusively formulated color management package from CGS ORIS.

CGS ORIS FM Package Trivor ENIt is a sophisticated system that enables fully automatic color management, spot color optimization and ink saving. "The high degree of automation streamlines the production process and minimizes errors - but at the same time, of course, there is also the possibility of making individual adjustments manually," says Andrew McIntyre, Sales Director Digital Print at CGS ORIS, describing the advantages that the package offers for operators at any experience level.

The toolkit includes an intelligent iterative profiling function that automatically generates optimal profiles so that the ideal match between printer and target color space is always achieved. Iterative spot color optimization is also available saving a considerable amount of time and delivering impressive results. Besides that, a linearization plug-in is provided that automatically calculates the optimal amount of ink for each print substrate, ensuring precise print quality and solid repeatability.

The color management package is completed by a premium ink saver function, which allows you to save ink easily and reliably and also helps to optimize the entire production process. Thanks to the lower total area ink coverage, shorter drying times are possible, which allow a higher production speed, resulting in a significant increase in productivity and efficiency of the entire printing process.

"We are very pleased that with this specially formulated package we can contribute a part to this great product and have been able to supply a powerful 'made in Germany' plug-in for a leading international technology company - the manufacturer of today’s fastest and most innovative RIP - in a very short time and with impressive results”, emphasizes McIntyre.


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