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Hainburg, Germany (November 04, 2019) – From proven classics like ORIS Color Tuner and ORIS Press Matcher to the very latest hits such as ORIS X Gamut, CGS announces extensive upgrades for ORIS products and many new features.

CGS ORIS Symbolbild SoftwareThe latest versions (V3.4) of the two proofing applications, ORIS Color Tuner and ORIS Flex Pack, include GCR controls for improved color matching as well as interfaces to several new spectrophotometers and the latest EPSON printers. Also included is a Pantone LIVE interface allowing direct access to Pantone color libraries.
Already implemented is the easy-to-use interface to the ORIS CxF Cloud, with which brand colors can be specified, stored and made accessible to the end customer. All this allows for an even more flexible and seamless workflow with the added benefit that all special colors can be easily organized in a central location, can be edited at will and be always up to date. Additionally, the applications have new enhanced security features.
ORIS Press Matcher, the true allrounder in color management in the CGS portfolio, also receives many feature enhancements especially concerning output of color-corrected documents and the control of digital printing machines. Version 2.1 enables PDF output without using Acrobat Distiller. The direct processing of PDF data eliminates the need for an intermediate step, saves time and money for additional programs and provides greater independence. Additionally, improved GCR controls for color matching are included, also within the Ink Saver module.
ORIS X Gamut, the fully automated color management software for conventional and digital extended gamut printing, also gets a major upgrade. Version 2.1 allows the size of multichannel profiles to be determined and also the editing of different channel combinations when converting special colors into one extended set of process colors (CMYK+X).
CGS offers a convenient software solution for all challenges in color management – from proofing and quality control to the optimization of production processes and standards certifications – all complemented by an extensive range of specially developed media for (flexible) proofs and packaging mockups. 
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