New CGS Proofing Papers Bring You Excellent Results

ORIS PearlPROOF for FOGRA 51 and FOGRA 52 certified and ready for action.

Hainburg, 02/03/2016. The latest versions of ORIS Color Tuner//Web and ORIS Certified//Web from CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH add support for the new PSO Coated and PSO Uncoated V3 profiles. All the essential print data for an exact color match is included in the new software.

Reference printer profiles and color tables for the new substrates are included in ORIS Color Tuner // Web version 3.1. This version is available immediately and fulfills all the necessary requirements for a comprehensive color match to the new print standards.

Thanks to the new color data and updated spectrophotometer filters, customers can use ORIS Certified//Web for certification against the new standards – simple, effective and easy-to-use.

Even more significant is that the new CGS proofing papers ORIS PearlPROOF OBA Semimatte 250 and ORIS PearlPROOF OBA matte 140 are certified to FOGRA 51 and FOGRA 52. In addition, the certification proofs are already available for the latest Epson SC-P7000, Epson SP 7900 and Canon iPF6450 printers and in all sizes. An "all-in-one" package – software, printer and media – that delivers conveniently, from a single source, a FOGRA certified proof system to guarantee exact color matching and customer confidence.

The latest version of ORIS Press Matcher//Web also includes color space transformations to convert FOGRA 39/47 to the new FOGRA 51/52 standards.