CGS and Canon Solutions America develop COLORlynx

The new cloud-based profiling solution supports calibration of Canon’s imagePRESS® series of digital presses across US print shops thus providing certified files.

Hainburg, March 11, 2014 – CGS Publishing Technologies International announces the launch of its new COLORlynx calibration technology developed together with Canon Solutions America (CSA). The companies have partnered in order to provide Canon imagePRESS® users with a unique solution employing CGS’ ORIS color calibration and certification software thus enabling imagePRESS® operators to create accurate calibration profiles for their digital presses.

CGS’ renown patented technology integrated in COLORlynx enables users to remotely manage single or multiple imagePRESS devices over a secure Internet connection with a local measurement device. The according calibration profiles are generated by the award-winning ORIS color calibration algorithms thus enabling highest accuracy in color reproduction as well as highest levels of gray balance stability. As the solution is integrated into the digital front end of the color devices, it offers greater color stability, reliability and consistency across the whole fleet of imagePRESS devices not only in one but also in remote locations. COLORlynx delivers a G7 gray balance for output and the use of its color verification feature helps to ensure that color accuracy is consistent. End users enjoy superior gray balance output to increase their press utilization and reduce overall downtime due to color inconsistency.

The US release marks the first time CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH (CGS) and Canon Solutions America have partnered together to offer an exclusive, integrated color solution to imagePRESS® customers. Every customer leasing an imagePRESS C7011/C6011 from the Enterprise Services and Solutions (ESS) business unit of Canon Solutions America will receive a COLORlynx subscription that will be valid for the original term of the imagePRESS lease, while every customer purchasing an imagePRESS C7011/C6011from the ESS business unit will receive a COLORlynx subscription valid for three years from the installation date of the imagePRESS. The COLORlynx subscription includes access to the software, a golden COLORlynx calibration profile set, complimentary COLORlynx calibration profile sets, and access to Canon Solutions America's exclusive imagePRESS color calibration protocol.

"COLORlynx color quality is second to none," said Ron Süßmann, Product Manager ORIS Lynx for CGS. "Incorporating ORIS cloud-based software with Canon's imagePRESS devices ensures their customers the highest level of color quality and consistency. Enabling access to our cloud-based color solution is a first of its kind offering and makes it possible for any customer to easily maintain and diagnose color compliance for their digital press or presses, anywhere in the world. We are happy to be able to support Canon customers with such an encompassing solution."

"Canon Solutions America is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of COLORlynx for the imagePRESS color digital press," said Tracie Sokol, vice president of marketing for Canon Solutions America. "Our new partnership with CGS brings unique value to Canon Solutions America customers that no other service provider can deliver. COLORlynx patented color calibration technology will give our customers unprecedented color consistency and reliability via a low cost cloud solution. The software is user-friendly and enables customers to verify, maintain, and correct their color output when needed. COLORlynx is a win-win solution for our customers."