CGS Releases GRACoL 2013 Compliant Proofing Paper

New GRACoL 2013 standards for commercial printers prompts addition to the ORIS Professional Proofing Papers line.

Hainburg, April 3, 2014 – Since the very first SWOP certification on inkjet devices, CGS has consistently led the market in developing contract proofing systems for printers and publishers. CGS Specialty Proofing Papers are the proofing stock of choice for contract proofs to Fogra, SNAP, SWOP and GRACoL, worldwide. Now, in response to the new GRACoL 2013 standard, CGS releases ORIS PearlPROOF™ Super V GRACoL Proofing Paper.

The significant change from the old GRACoL 2006 brings the white point into line with typical commercial printing stock. The shift can affect the appearance of commercially printed outputs, so it is important for printers, designers and print buyers to adhere to the new standards.

What is GRACoL 2013?

Until recently, GRACoL 2006 has been the primary reference print condition used by designers and print buyers in North America and other regions of the world. The updated version now released from the GRACoL Committee is called GRACoL 2013 (CGATS 21 RPC-6).

The main difference between GRACoL 2006 and the new GRACoL 2013 dataset is the white point. The target white point for GRACoL 2006 (95 L*, 0 a*, -2 b*) was based on the legacy ISO 12647-2 standard, which in turn was based on typical commercial printing stocks available in 1994. The GRACoL 2013 white point (95 L*, 1 a*, -4 b*) is in sync with today’s typical commercial stocks.

Being better aligned with today’s premium commercial stocks means printers should find it easier to simulate proofs. Calibration and verification of GRACoL 2013 requires use of M1 capable instruments. This means that use of GRACoL 2013 in production cannot be done unless you have M1 capable instruments.


Specially formulated for M1 and M0 measurement devices, ORIS PearlPROOF™ Super V GRACoL promises pigment-based printers the top quality paper available for proofing and professional print jobs. Simply create a color match for the new profile and continue printing proofs as normal.

Available for large order fulfillment late July 2014, ORIS PearlPROOF™ Super V GRACoL maintains the tradition of offering superior proofing media to commercial printers and proof providers. The ORIS Professional Media family is made under the strictest manufacturing tolerances to ensure consistent batch-to-batch quality. The ultra-fine-grain nanoporous coating provides twice the surface area of common microporous papers, which allows for higher ink densities, uniform ink absorption, better shadow detail, larger color gamut and faster drying.

ORIS Pearl Super G

Profiles for GRACoL 2013, and other CGATS21-2 reference print conditions can be downloaded from either the IDEAlliance website ( For pricing and ordering information on ORIS PearlPROOF™ Super V GRACoL please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..