CGS Launches Cloud-based Color Management Application

ORIS LYNX enables users to produce color-accurate results that stay that way throughout the press run across all devices. ORIS LYNX delivers superb print quality — everywhere and anytime.

Hainburg, 09/24/2014. Ensuring repeatable color-accurate results has long been a challenging task for print professionals. ORIS LYNX, the cloud-based color management solution from CGS Publishing Technologies International, now makes this task simple and cost effective.

Optimal Color Profiles in No Time

ORIS LYNX is easy to use, with simple menus and no need for complex system configurations. Optimized ICC and device link profiles are created ;with just a few mouse clicks. All that is needed is a web browser and a measurement device.

More Quality, Less Costs

ORIS LYNX’s patented color management algorithms carefully calculate the relationship between the four printing inks to produce an outstanding, and stable, gray balance. As a result, users benefit from increased print quality, less wastage, reduced ink/toner usage and lower service charges. All this adds up to considerable cost savings.

Andreas Kämmerer, CGS managing director: “When we developed ORIS LYNX, it was our main concern to achieve a high level of quality and costefficiency for the user. There is no need to waste money on computer hardware, software or maintenance fees. What’s more, the software provides a perfect gray balance owing to sophisticated GCR/UCR transformations”.

Free Profile Evaluation

A new website with detailed information about ORIS LYNX is available at Users can request a test account which allows them to evaluate the application free of charge.

Contact Person

Mrs. Annette Müller-Leuck
Manager, Sales Support
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +49 6182 9626-0

About CGS Publishing Technologies

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