Printing innovation: ORIS Press Matcher//Web’s new wide-gamut workflow combines vivid saturated colors with a perfect gray balance

ORIS Press Matcher//Web, the innovative software application from CGS Publishing Technologies International, supports users in substantially improving and objectively evaluating print quality.

Hainburg, 10/03/2015.

Unfortunately there is still a lot of ‘hit or miss’ in digital printing: Visual evaluation methods are often preferred to objective measurement results. This can lead to long machine downtimes and frequent customer complaints. The use of printing standards can minimize such problems permanently, but this considerably reduces the printer’s capabilities. For the production of photobooks, posters and signboards it is important to fully exploit the printer’s large color gamut and to achieve neutral gray tones, instead of simulating the results of a conventional offset process, for example. Users need a stable printing process providing repeatable high-quality results. This is exactly the strong point of the powerful ORIS Press Matcher//Web application.

ORIS Press Matcher//Web allows users to reliably monitor and control how colors are printed. The wide-gamut workflow makes use of the printer’s entire color gamut and perfectly handles different input color spaces such as sRGB and Adobe RGB in the same PDF file. The results are vivid saturated colors and an efficient production process. A special profiling technology additionally ensures stable and neutral gray tones - all this with an unprecedented level of quality.

CGS offers trial installations allowing users to test the software under their own production conditions. Daily printing tasks will quickly benefit from ORIS Press Matcher//Web’s powerful tools owing to the convenient and intuitive user interface.

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