Simply Perfect Colors – 30 Years CGS

CGS Publishing Technologies International is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Hainburg, 07/01/2015.

There is one thing that hasn't changed throughout all of the major shifts the printing and publishing industry has gone through in that time and this is the fact that “the colors must be right”. That was valid in 1985 when CGS started experimenting with inkjet and thermal transfer printers and is still true today when considering important factors such as repeatability, especially across multiple digital technologies, stability within a print run and the market’s extremely high quality requirements for packaging proofing.

CGS’s entrance to the market 30 years ago was the development of a page layout and production system. Even then clients expected full page proofs with colors that matched those of the monitor and the still to be produced print. Well-known periodicals were produced using GCS’s computer-aided page layout system ‘Digi-Design’ with their competition being Crosfield, Hell and Scitex at that time.

All the years of development and know-how from CGS are put to excellent use today in their solutions to manage color for digital printing systems with major focus points being:

  • Ease of use
  • Perfect greys
  • Color stability, repeatability and consistency
  • Reduced operating expense

A range of products are available including the cloud-based solutions ORIS LYNX and ORIS EVALUATE, the server solutions ORIS Press Matcher//Web and ORIS Color Tuner//Web and a unique proofing/mock-up solution for the packaging industry: ORIS Flex Pack//Web. ORIS CxF Toolbox and ORIS CxF Designer are the newest additions to the ORIS family, allowing brand and corporate colors to be used and communicated with the highest levels of integrity and security.

The implementation of these diverse tasks was tailor made for a medium-sized company such as CGS. Color management has been practiced and filled with life at CGS for 30 years, both in the development of high-end performance workflow and proofing solutions and in the research and development of special media and papers for the proofing and packaging markets.

In the turbulent market of digital printing, CGS has managed to expand its business activities and to grow into an international company with a large, global customer base.

“With our current range of products we are well-equipped for the future,” says CEO Andreas Kämmerer of CGS.