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色彩管理的未来与“光谱”息息相关。本文将说明原因,总结使用 CxF 数据的优点,并解释如何在从设计到印刷的整个生产过程中轻松使用光谱 CxF 数据。

上周四召开了一次重要的会议,我们有幸参与其中。在这篇文章中,我们总结了在 FuturePrint 虚拟会议上关于“直接在承印物上打样”的亮点!

在上周由 Pressman Solutions 办的一个研讨会上,我们展示并讨论了包装印刷商如何从扩展色域印刷技术中获益。这篇文章总结了研讨会的关键信息,文末附有会议录播。

This article briefly illuminates the potential color management and proofing technology has for companies of the graphic industry to push their digital transformation and improve processes.

G. F. Smith has the answer to that interesting question and discovered a lot more about people's perception of color, their feelings, and emotions in a really inspiring project.

During a very exciting workshop hosted by Pressman Solutions last week, we had the great opportunity to show and discuss how packaging printers can profit from the expanded gamut printing technology. This article summarizes key aspects and includes the recording of the session.

Last Thursday a very exciting conference took place and we had the great opportunity to be part of it! In this article, we are summarizing the highlights of the session about “direct-to-substrate proofing” at the FuturePrint´s Virtual Conference!

In October 2020, we launched a unique direct-to-substrate proofing solution with Mutoh Europe. Now, it´s time to have a closer look at our customers' experience!

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