An inkjet proofing system would not be complete, nor could it provide perfect contract proof quality, without a wide range of suitable proofing papers. COLOR TUNER and the MEDIA package enable you to create high-quality digital contract proofs that meet the industry’s most demanding requirements.

Owing to their exclusive nanoporous coating, our MEDIA portfolio has a much larger surface area than common microporous papers. Nanoporous coating provides better ink absorption, higher ink densities, improved shadow detail, faster drying and a more consistent proofing quality compared to the coating of other proofing papers.

Case Studies

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COLOR TUNER with the Epson 9900 has quickly become the most important tool in our company." Claus Gerdel, CEO

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Katz Group
How the sad story of an insovent global market leader with 70 % market share turned info an economic fairytale of success.

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When the popular in-home fitness company needed a cost-effective color management “training program” for its many printed products, Beachbody found that CGS ORIS was a perfect fit.

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Case Studies




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