Monitor Certification

It is common practice in today’s printing industry to adhere to standards such as SWOP, GRACoL or Fogra in order to ensure a high level of quality. ORIS Certified Monitor fits neatly into this concept. ORIS Certified Monitor is a simple and efficient monitor certification system that uses all of the features of CERTIFIED, but renders the control bar as a series of flashed patches on the monitor.

ORIS Certified Monitor performs the same certification to industry standards, in-house standards or spot colors and gives you an instant readout. If the certification shows that a new monitor profile is required, it can be generated at the touch of a button.

Case Studies

Read our case studies for more information.

Quantum Digital
“Before we used CGS ORIS, the color quality was good, but not measurable.” – Freddie Baird, Chief Operations Officer

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Standard Register
Consistent color – matching digital-to-offset and digital-to-digital throughout every plant – is an absolute requirement.” – Steve McDonell, Vice President of engineering and sustainability

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"Always a step ahead!" is the philosophy of Avantgarde, Essen, one of Germany's leading wide-format printing companies

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Case Studies




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