Gray Balance

For optimum print results, C-M-Y and K colors should be balanced perfectly to achieve neutral gray. However, owing to fluctuations in ambient climate conditions, the gray axis tends to vary from one day to the next. It is time-consuming or virtually impossible to improve device stability manually.

PRESS MATCHER is the first application in digital printing to automatically detect and correct variations in tonal value. This ensures a perfect gray balance and maximum press stability throughout the entire print run.

Case Studies

Read our case studies for more information.


“With PRESS MATCHER, we are now finally able to guarantee absolute repeatability, a prerequisite for professional printing.“ – Marco Augustin, Managing Director

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Quantum Digital
“Before we used CGS ORIS, the color quality was good, but not measurable.” – Freddie Baird, Chief Operations Officer

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Ziegler does it differently, the only constant is change. In digital printing, the company depends on innovative color management from CGS ORIS. – Jo Bloss, CEO

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Case Studies




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