The cloud-based profiling tool for accurate printing results

Flexibility and predictable results are crucial to print professionals today. Therefore a cost-effective solution ensuring consistent cross-fleet color reproduction on different substrates anywhere and at any time is a must in any production environment.

The cloud-based color management tool LYNX is simple to integrate into every workflow and empowers you, with just a few simple steps, to easily create profiles that can be used immediately, ensuring color-accurate output.

The solution is very cost-effective, typical investments in hardware, software, and maintenance costs are completely eliminated. All you need is a measurement device.

Thanks to special algorithms, LYNX also ensures improved print quality and significantly lower toner or ink consumption. With the patented conversion tables, you achieve an excellent gray balance and optimal color stability.

Creating device link and ICC output profiles with LYNX is easy and helps you to increase quality and reduce cost.

Lynx EN Grey balance

Perfect color match
Regardless of the output device – the cloud-based tool LYNX helps you maintaining absolute color-accuracy across your entire production environment at any time.

Your customers will benefit from an enhanced print quality, whilst you save ink and valuable production time.

LYNX was designed with ease-of-use in mind and does not require any complicated settings or expert know-how. You will create optimal color profiles in the shortest possible time.

Easy and effective quality control
The key to quality assurance is the ease of use and reliability. The evaluation and certification tool EVALUATE offers both. Directly linked to LYNX it provides clear facts for analysis and control of all our output devices. All relevant data can be automatically stored on a central server in the cloud.
Key features
Cloud-based, easy-to-use tool that instantly provides high-quality profiles
No computer hardware, software, or maintenance cost
Professional print and color stabilization for production companies, service providers, and brand owners
Accurate and repeatable color results on multiple output devices locally or remotely
Color match to printing standards such as ISO Coated v2 (FOGRA39), PSO Coated v3 (FOGRA51) or GRACoL
Excellent gray balance and improved print quality
Generation of IDEAlliance G7 linearization curves
Quality control by measuring media wedges
Measurements can be compared with all current printing standards such as ISO 15311 PSD
Seamless connection to the EVALUATE web database for quality control and certification
Detailed analysis of measured values and long-term control of all output devices with EVALUATE
Long-term experience & color expertise
We provide simple-to-use software solutions for all of your needs related to color management, proofing, prototyping, certification, and quality control - the best and effective way to optimize your entire production process.

Our proofing solutions are complemented by a large portfolio of specially developed substrates for creating color-accurate proofs and packaging prototypes.

Lynx EN Function

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