First PSD certification at Impika Xerox in Aubagne/France thanks to ORIS Press Matcher // Web from CGS Publishing Technologies International

Hainburg, April 1, 2016 – CGS Publishing Technologies International, global leader of color management solutions, digital proofing systems and specially formulated premium consumables, continues to strengthen and expand its market position in Europe and the US. On April 1 the Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. issued the first PSD certificate in France – to Impika Xerox from Aubagne.

This was achieved in a partnership between Impika Xerox, CGS and our French partner ATC.

Impika received the certificate for the Xerox Impika Evolution high volume digital printing system used with the latest generation of inks and also for Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press. The two printing systems were certified for both FOGRA 51 and FOGRA 52 printing conditions. Details can be found here

The CMS software of choice for all certifications was the latest generation of ORIS Press Matcher // Web, Version 1.4. This version includes a calibration and linearization module specially developed for Impika.
Device link profiles with and without built-in calibration can be used on both the Xerox Evolution and the Rialto printing system, regardless of the DFE (iController or PDF Controller). In addition, PDF/X certification was achieved in combination with ORIS Press Matcher // Web's advanced tools which allow PDF/X files of the latest generation to be created and analyzed.
An ORIS Impika bundle was launched earlier this year in cooperation with Impika Xerox. It combines the creation of device link profiles with PDF/X normalization and also includes the Impika linearization module.
"This certification confirms the usefulness and necessity to combine high-volume printing systems with ORIS software and acknowledges the strong partnership we have with Impika", stated the newly established European sales team that made this success possible.