ORIS Flex Pack // Web enables colour consistent label production

At Labelexpo CGS showcases efficient proof and label generation for brands.

Hainburg, August 5, 2013 – CGS Publishing Technologies International is proud to announce its participation at Labelexpo in Brussels (September 25-27, 2013). Visitors will be able to see astonishing results in proofing, label and flexible packaging operations demonstrated at the Roland DG booth (Hall 9, Booth F46) where extremely accurate colour prints can be viewed.

The global label market currently encompasses 40 to 45 billion square meters annually[1] <#_ftn1> whereof Europe with 30% and the North American market with about the same percentage are producing the majority of labels. The market shows a linear growth of around 5% year over year. One of the main tasks brands are currently facing is reliable enhanced reproduction and colour management across all of their output platforms – analogue and digital presses, web and mobile devices.

The ORIS Flex Pack // Web system offers prepress studios, printers and all partakers in the production process of labels and flexible packaging a solution that enables them to consistently output exact colour across all platforms. Starting with cost-efficient virtual halftone and raster proofs to highly sophisticated labels, mock-ups and flexible packaging solutions all is possible with the CGS’ product.

At Labelexpo CGS will showcase the ORIS Flex Pack // Web system together with a Roland DG VersaCAMM-printer that thanks to the patented iterative ORIS 4-D colour management enables realistic and true to life reproduction of print, spot and metallic colours. In addition, special spot colours can be easily generated and applied. Users that already work with the Esko® spot colour database are optionally enabled to implement it into the ORIS Flex Pack // Web system.

The Roland DG VersaCAMM series has been upgraded with certain features by CGS, such as a multi pass print mode and ORIS XG inks among others to better reflect the requirements of label and packaging printers. The ORIS XG inks show a wider colour gamut and the light colours (Lm, Lc) have been replaced by orange and green in order to perfectly reproduce Pantone colours thus enabling exact colour-identical labels and packagings. In addition, for even more application possibilities, white and metallic inks are available. Highly sophisticated high end labels can thus be produced.

Supporting all above system components, ORIS special media for flexible packaging and labels enable highly consistent colour metric output of proof, labels, flexible and rigid packaging. And as if that would not be enough, the ORIS Media Transfer Film, a very thin foil that can be applied to any packaging with a laminator, enables cost-efficient and colour accurate reproduction of mock-ups and proofs. Flexible foils, but also aluminium and corrugated boards can thus be coated – before or after print.